Kevin David Review

Kevin David Review

I first found out who Kevin David was when I was watching some Amazon FBA videos on YouTube. The guy’s got a pretty good channel where he regularly posts content on all things Amazon and Shopify. I discovered later he’s got training materials for both Amazon and Shopify.

I wanted to buy both, but I prioritized his Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass course because I had been thinking of dabbling on it for the longest time, after settling things with my local lead generation business.

When I bumped into a Kevin David review, I’ve actually already bought a handful of other FBA courses.

Why? Let me explain.

 I love learning new things and I believe that self-education is one of the best investments you can ever make. And I wanted to see how Kevin’s masterclass would fare from the other courses I’ve already bought and seen.

In this Kevin David review, I’ll lay out what my takeaways were with this course. How does it compare with other online business like local lead generation? What sort of challenges do new Amazon FBA sellers face?

Overview of the Amazon FBA Masterclass

Kevin David Review

Amazon FBA Masterclass is an online course designed by serial entrepreneur Kevin David. The course is available at Kevin’s personal website, but since the release of the Amazon FBA Masterclass Program in 2017, the community can be mostly seen on social networks.

Kevin teaches all the things you have to know about Amazon as a seller, and how to survive the challenges. The course content is so detailed that you will learn even the tiniest details you never knew you needed. You will learn how to market, get more customers, list your products, sponsor them, and many more.

Amazon FBA Masterclass is made up of several different modules. Each module discusses a certain topic, which includes text documents and videos for you to go through.

I will give you an overview of the first three modules. I could have covered all eight, but I’ve decided you’re going to have to find out the rest of the details on your own – for your own good, you know? This course can really help you.

Module 1 – Product Research

The first module in Kevin’s course tackles the importance of researching products. I understand why Kevin made product research the first module because this is where most people commit mistakes. I mean, it’s common to see sellers offer something that you yourself wouldn’t buy, or sell something that you can buy somewhere else and for a better price.

The first module details the story of how Kevin managed to pull of approximately $10,000 a month in sales! Take note that this number tells of his sales and not profit. With this number, however, he gets a pretty huge profit.

Going back to product research, an alternative strategy that exists is outsourcing through dropshipping. I am not exactly a fan of dropshipping for my own personal reasons, but it’s a rewarding method that comes with its own benefits in the Amazon FBA Masterclass methods.

If you really want to succeed in dropshipping, you can combine Kevin’s methods in this course into your business model. But make sure that your stocks from a trusted and honest supplier who will not complain about replacements, returns, or both. Since Amazon is like your middleman who reinforces strong policies, you should always be prepared to face issues of the many kinds, including customer complaints. There will be quite a number of them, but Kevin will also teach you how to avoid having them, or if they already exist, how to deal with them.

The truth is that, this module will work if you already have your business and a readily available stock to keep the orders streamlined. Amazon will simply forward your products to your customers, package and label them – basically make it pretty for your customers. Your job is to hustle at the back end.

Module 2 – Supplies and Shipping

Module 2 explains the importance of keeping a stable and strong relationship with sellers. The strategies detailed in this part and basically, all the content is designed for people who are getting their items from someone else. Personally, I want to be on the safe side and rely on my own purchase or stocks and don’t list products that I don’t have.

Module 3 – Product Listing, Ranking, and Optimization

This part is where it gets technical. It can be too hard for a beginner to get his or her products listed in the top results of search engines. This module is one of the most important parts of Kevin’s Amazon FBA course, as it will help gather the right audience you need, which you can potentially convert into customers.

A lot of people fail because they neglect to optimize their products, probably did keyword stuffing, had spelling errors here and there, and many others. Yours should subtle and straight to the point and Kevin will teach how you can market effectively to your audience.


You shouldn’t leave your stones unturned. What I mean is that you should also research on optimizing your business presence online and local lead generation tactics.  It will help a lot of people in your local area know about your business so that you’ll rank well in local search engine listings.

Kevin’s Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass will teach you when and how to apply the methods to succeed in this endeavor. Timing is everything, but with patience, you will definitely notice a steady flow of income.

This is the reason why I recommend the Amazon FBA Ninja course. In the same manner, local business efforts should also be performed. You will get a lot of opportunities if your local presence is strong. Ask your customers to review your products and refer friends to your Amazon page.

In conclusion, Amazon FBA Masterclass is a helpful course. It is a solid compilation of effective techniques that online entrepreneurs must have in order to succeed in the digital marketplace.

Good luck out there!

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